3 really simple yet effective Super Budget Friendly “real guy” Makeovers

Blog | Sep 27, 2019 Guys, upping your style game doesn’t need to be hard or cost a lot of money.  We took 3 style duds and made them style studs while allowing each of them to stay in their comfort zone. Paul Paul wants to meet a lady, his issue is he’s 5’4” and still dresses like he is in the 9th grade... read more

Long Live the Hand-Written Planner

18.12.2018 | Blog

If you’re like most of us, you’re a cell phone addict – even when it comes to note-taking and to-do lists.  We’d however like to make a case for the notebook.  Here are a few reasons to go retro-cool and give the notebook a...

The Polished Professional

14.10.2018 | The Experts at ASG

It is a fact that not only are people who appear polished (or “put together”) more successful in business, they are presumed to be kinder and warmer, as well as  more sociable and sincere. That’s why it is important to develop a &...